Location data has an impact on every business. Are you using it to your advantage?

Helping you convert spatial data into actionable information, to support decision-making and the automation of knowledge work.


All databases have spatial relationships. Our job is helping you to uncover them, making the right connections, and then putting them to work. You’ll be surprised at how spatial technology illuminates an entirely new layer in your data.


Your use of location data can be hidden away as APIs that scrub, validate, and extend incoming data to existing applications, or you can make it front and center though the use of maps for visualizing or geographic filtering of data. There’s hardly a place where spatial technology doesn’t fit.


If a picture is worth a thousand words, how do you quantify the value of an interactive map? Today's mapping frameworks are lightweight, fast, and extremely powerful and extensible. The barriers to fast implementations of spatial solutions continue to drop.

What we do

  • Design, develop, and management enterprise-sized databases. The bigger the better!
  • Get our hands dirty with all the major B2B location and contact data providers, people like InfoUSA and Dun & Bradstreet, so that you stay clean.
  • Mine legacy telecom billing systems for sales related data. We risk our necks for you.
  • Codify lead and sales qualification algorithms, and convert them into reusable APIs that you can deploy throughout the organization.
  • Automate business processes, ranging from lead scoring and targeting to customer matching and list hygiene. Let the machine do the work!
  • Enhance datasets through location intelligence by the assignment of administrative, taxing, postal, telecom, and custom geographies, or by distance measurements. Automate all these tasks, because you’d be surprised how much stuff moves.
  • Geocode, validate, and standardize addresses via transactional and large batches. We've geocoded billions and billions of addresses. All this experience helps you climb the knowledge hill faster.

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Skills we have

  • Business mapping APIs. We’ve done business location intelligence since before it became cool.
  • Full automation of data processing activities. Our rule: a busy machine is a happy machine.
  • Data hygiene and cleanup. Over the years, we’ve shoveled more dirt than we can measure.
  • Fuzzy / phonetic matching algorithms, because, let’s face it, some names are hard to spell.
  • Database performance optimization, because faster is better.
  • Automation of knowledge work, so you can serve customers even while sleeping.

Technology we use

  • Microsoft SQL Server including spatial extensions
  • Pitney Bowes software - Spectrum, MapXtreme, MapInfo Pro
  • Mapping APIs - Leaflet, MapBox, OpenLayers, Google Maps, Bing Maps, Sharp Map
  • ASP.NET C#
  • Javascript
  • SOAP & REST web services

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